What if you download the theme extension EXT

If you experience problems after downloading the theme, the file is not supported, usually ends EXT, downloaded via Opera Mini or default browser.

Follow the following tips:

- Examples of themes that can not be applied, EXT extension.

- Before the extension rename the theme, you must have a Blue FTP application, Download Blue FTP application here.

- Open Blue FTP application

- Find a theme you download, extension EXT. for example, we store the theme on SDCARD

- Highlight themes that will be replaced extension, and press menu, select Rename item.

- See the name of the theme that will be replaced, the image below examples of themes before renamed.

- Replace EXT extension into NTH, examples Abstract_ASHA_FULL_TOUCH.EXT be Abstract_ASHA_FULL_TOUCH.NTH

See image

- See the theme after being replaced extension