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Free & premium theme glossy clock 63

Glossy clock theme 6303i:

New theme for 6303i, glossy clock with digital date, theme with icons Symbian^3 more features to the premium version, such as music skins, screensavers, icons, and others. we provide a free version as an example, an upgrade to the premium version for a more optimal.

How to download or buy: suggested a direct download via mobile phone (recommended). open store applications on your phone. login or sign up. looking for the name of this themes Glossy clock 63 / 63 lite or wb7 themes.

Cara download atau membeli: di sarankan langsung unduh lewat ponsel (direkomendasikan). buka aplikasi store di ponsel anda. login atau sign up. cari nama tema ini Glossy clock 63 / 63 atau wb7 themes.