Windows 8 metro UI style theme X2-00 X2-02 240x320 s406th

Metro ui style theme for Nokia X2-00 240x320 s406th cool and clean, with a stylish white wallpaper widget box characteristic of Windows 8 on the other hand there are custom icons in the style of Windows 8 as well. more customization on elements, media skins and other features therein are still available.

Theme Windows 8 metro UI style can be used on Nokia s406th 240x320, among others: Nokia X2-00, X2-02, X2-05, C2-05, 6303i. Wallpaper does not work on devices that are not supported flash lite

Device that supports flash lite you must set: Menu - Settings - Date and time - Date & time format - Date - Date in the home screen = Hidden. and Time - Clock = Hidden

Metro UI style theme X2-00