Little Krishna theme Nokia X2-00 Asha 515 240x320 S40

After issuing Little krishna theme for Nokia Asha full touch, now turn theme for Nokia S40 240x320 sixth edition there is also for other Nokia S40 240x320.

This theme features with and without swf wallpapers available also without music player skins for 240x320 s40 phones other, have a menu icon with a curved corner flat style new style trends.

Theme Little Krishna can be used on Nokia S406th 240x320, among others: Nokia X2-00, X2-02, X2-05, C2-05, 6303i and other 240x320 s40. Wallpaper does not work on devices that are not supported flash lite for example Nokia asha 206

For a better view and device that supports flash lite eg. Nokia X2-00 you must set: Menu - Settings - Date and time - Date & time format - Date - Date in the home screen = Hidden. and Time - Clock = Hidden


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Little Krishna with swfLittle Krishna without swf

Download themes
Little Krishna with swf for other 240x320 s40Little Krishna without swf for other 240x320 s40