Sailfish Jolla 3 theme Nokia Asha 310 Asha 311 full touch

The third generation of the theme Jolla style for Nokia Asha full touch, on the third edition, we are changing some elements, such as dialer background, some part of the theme elements, the addition of the original ringtone from Jolla Sailfish, and additions to the icon. for the lock screen wallpaper we also take on the style Jolla sailfish os.

If you find an error in extensions theme after downloading, we recommend reading the FAQ here.


* Customizable icon
* Awesome wallpaper
* Alarm background
* Custom call tones
* Custom message tone
* The best element
* And many others

Sailfish Jolla 3 themes can be used on Nokia Asha full touch that is: Asha 311, Asha 310, Asha 309, Asha 308, Asha 306 and Asha 305.